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Terre Spezzate LARP Company

LARP, what does it mean? Litterally Live Action Role Playing, a type of role-playing game in which participants physically act out scenarios, typically using costumes and props.

As organizers of Terre Spezzate, one of the bigger company of LARP in Italy, we constantly strive to create unique carefully crafted events, enjoyable for the total newcomer as much as the experienced player. We describe our design as character-centred, the participants are protagonists of a co-created narrative that develops out of their choices and role-play. It really is about immersing in your character an acting out its feelings and thoughts, like in a movie set, but without a script. We seek a natural and realistic interaction between characters and the environment and we try to stick to what can be physically represented: except for restrictions dictated by safety reasons, what you see is what you get, simply.

 An involving, stimulating play experience. Thought-provoking themes and plots. Highly detailed set design, props and costumes, locations perfectly in tune with the setting, a realistic reconstruction to immerse oneself in the fiction completely and get the most out of it.

“Life is too short to play bad larp”


Production Designer in LARP

And here I come, combine personal passion and professional skills to create something special. Set dressing, ancient props, speciale effects, stunning scenography.